Game Rules

What is Letter UP?

Letter UP is a crossword game in which 2 to 4 players score points by forming words from lettered tiles on a 15 by 15 square grid.

Game Objective

The objective is to score the most points by making words horizontally or vertically from the given letters.

Starting the Game

Each player will be given 7 letters. The first player’s word must start on the center (either horizontally or vertically). The word is dictionary-checked. If it is a valid word, the word is scored and the player is given a new randomly selected letters to replace those used letters.

The next player's word must share at least one letter that is already placed on the grid, and so on...

Playing the Round

Swap Letters - Players are allowed to exchange letters until there are no more letters left. Exchanging letters will forfeit their turn.

Pass Turn - Players are allowed to pass their turn during the game. However, the game ends when all of the players passed.


There are squares on the board that represent multipliers. If a letter is placed on these squares, then the letter's or word's value is multiplied. Multipliers are only used once.

The center square acts as a double word score.
Doubles the value of the letter.
Triples the value of the letter.
Doubles the value of the word.
Triples the value of the word.
A bonus of 45 points is awarded to any player who uses all 7 letters UP in one play. (This is called 7-UP!)

Unused Letters - Each player's score is reduced by the sum of the values of his/her unused letters when the game ends.

Final Score - Player's final score is the difference after their unused letters value have been subtracted.

Letter Distributions and Points - Rush

Letter UP Rush is our premier game mode. It features a live head-to-head match between two players with 1:15 turns and 54 letters. Rush games typically take less than 10 minutes to finish and are great for when you're on the go or looking for a quick game.

Letter Distributions and Points
Letters Count Points Letters Count Points Letters Count Points
A 5 1 pt K 1 5 pts U 2 1 pt
B 1 3 pts L 2 2 pts V 1 4 pts
C 1 3 pts M 1 4 pts W 1 5 pts
D 2 2 pts N 3 1 pt X 1 8 pts
E 5 1 pt O 5 1 pt Y 1 4 pts
F 1 4 pts P 1 4 pts Z 1 10 pts
G 2 3 pts Q 1 10 pts Blank None  
H 1 4 pts R 3 1 pt      
I 5 1 pt S 3 1 pt      
J 1 8 pts T 3 1 pt      


Letter Distributions and Points - Classic

Letter UP Classic is the classic crossword game for 2-4 players. The game consists of 1:15 turns and 102 letters with game times varying from 10-30 minutes depending on party size.

Letter Distributions and Points
Letters Count Points Letters Count Points Letters Count Points
A 10 1 pt K 1 5 pts U 4 1 pt
B 2 3 pts L 4 2 pts V 2 4 pts
C 2 3 pts M 2 4 pts W 2 5 pts
D 4 2 pts N 6 1 pt X 1 8 pts
E 12 1 pt O 8 1 pt Y 2 4 pts
F 2 4 pts P 2 4 pts Z 1 10 pts
G 3 3 pts Q 1 10 pts Blank None  
H 3 4 pts R 6 1 pt      
I 10 1 pt S 5 1 pt      
J 1 8 pts T 6 1 pt      


Game Ends

The game ends when:

  • The tile bag is empty and one player uses the last letter
  • After two (2) consecutive passes per player


Players must agree what dictionary to use before playing. There are many English dictionaries available such as Collins, Oxford and Merriam-Webster.

Proper nouns or capitalized words, hyphenated words, words with apostrophe, acronyms or abbreviations and foreign words are not allowed.

The online game currently uses TWL (Tournament Word List) dictionary. We are planning to include SOWPODS (Official Scrabble Players Dictionary + Official Scrabble Words) and ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon) in the future. These are available to the public.